Arioso Music Academy- Kindermusik Policies

Class Information and Policies Payment and Registration Policies:

Although you may join our classes at any time, please plan to register early. If you do not register at least two weeks in advance, class availability may be limited and at-home-materials may not be available on the first day of class. Registration fee is due at least 2 weeks before classes start. Remainder of payment is due at the beginning of the first class. Other payment plans are available, just ask! Refunds If a student withdraws from the program before lessons start, a non- refundable administration fee of $35 will be withheld. Materials paid for cannot be refunded . Classes are prorated ONLY for late enrollees when there is space availability. If you know you will miss class, plan a make-up class ahead of time!

Make-Up Classes:

Classes will be made up in the event of teacher illness or inclement weather. Your tuition price reflects and allows 1 missed class due to inclement weather or teacher emergency. Every resource is used to contact class participants if class is cancelled due to weather conditions. Please do not attempt to brave a storm. Stay home and have a musical day with your child. On the occasion that a 2nd class is cancelled for the semester, I will schedule a makeup class as soon and in the most convenient manner as possible. If you miss a class due to illness, travel or the like, you are welcome to make up during a semester when the student is currently enrolled. Please arrange make-ups as sometimes classes are full. Remember that even if you miss a class, you are still getting the benefit of the home materials, and you can still continue the learning!


Classroom Distractions:

Please help keep distractions to a minimum by turning off cell phones and pagers. Village babies may have drinks, pacifiers and, of course are welcome to nurse whenever necessary. For all other age groups, please leave all sippy cups, bottles, snacks and pacifiers in the outer area, so as not to be tempting to other little hands and mouths! If a child has a particular 'lovey' or special item from home they cannot part with during class, please try to watch for unhappy friends, and remove the object if it causes problems with other children. Place shoes, bags, etc. in designated area. The waiting area is available for your comfort for changing babies, nursing (if you require privacy), quiet place, etc. There are times during class when visiting is appropriate, but I encourage you to keep visiting to a minimum and focus your energy on your child.

Classroom Participation:

Please be on time and ready to go so your child can settle into the musical environment! We have a terrific curriculum every semester, and it helps all the kids to really get involved if everyone is in place at the same time. If you are late, please slip in as quickly and quietly as possible, and start right in with the activity at hand. Plan to arrive a few minutes early for class. Your level of participation is entirely up to you. I encourage you to be an active and patient role-model. It is not uncommon for a child to attend several classes before feeling comfortable. Don't be discouraged, what a child is absorbing in class is often evidenced in the comfort of the home environment rather than in a certain level of participation in class. Demonstrations on how to participate will always be given only as suggestions. Feel free to modify any activity for you and your child to meet both of your needs.


Please be cautious both inside and outside of the building. Keep your child within your sight at all times and please do not allow them to climb on furniture, structures, etc. If you leave the waiting area or the building for any reason, make sure you have another parent available to help your child if needed.

At Home Materials:

You and your child will enormously benefit from the Kindermusik experience, especially if you make active use of your At Home Materials. Frequent reinforcement at home throughout the week makes all the difference in a child's comfort and participation in the classroom. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone if I can be of further help. I am available any time for your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, whatever, please, don't hesitate to call. This is YOUR class, your time with your child, I am only a facilitator! I look forward to having you and your child join us for a great semester of Kindermusik classes.
Robin Riveland, Arioso Music Academy. 701-330-8477

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